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The Fit Mom

Moms have special fitness needs. Whether you are a new mom who wants to get your body back, or an old pro who needs to do something for yourself, you don't have the luxury of spending hours at the gym. You need someone who understands the inner struggle of how to use that nap time (if you always use it to exercise, when will you get to your to-do list?) and how the extra juggling involved in getting your school-age kids to their activities chops the day into impossibly small pieces that prevent you from getting anything done sometimes! And if you are also working outside the home, balance can seem that much farther out of grasp.

Smart moms know, though, that if you don't take care of yourself, sooner or later, there won't be enough of you left to take care of everything and everyone else! Enlist Fitness InSight to help you map out a plan that will work to get you in shape and feeling great! I'm there; I know what you are going through. I can help you!


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