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Personal Fitness Training

The great thing about personal fitness training with Fitness InSight is that with my coaching philosophy, you get the best of both worlds - targeted fitness instruction and comprehensive accountability of your fitness and/or wellness habits outside of our training sessions. You will learn valuable information (fitness principles, proper techniques) that is custom tailored to your unique goals and needs that will help you increase results. As an added benefit, the information you learn can be carried over to exercise sessions you do on your own. In fact, I'll custom design the workouts you plan to do on your own in addition to those you do with me. The consistency of on-going training sessions and our long-term relationship provides that valuable common thread that will help you maintain momentum and motivation and ultimately succeed in your goals!

We will track your progress toward your goals on an on-going basis, changing your workout along the way, so that you are always getting the best workout to get you where you want to be!

Most of my personal fitness training clients come to my fully equipped home fitness studio in Germantown, Maryland. For an additional charge, I will travel to your home or gym in other parts of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Short-Term Training
?to get it right!

Whatever the reason, I can help you learn the right way to do the right exercises for YOU! I can create an easy-to-follow home or gym exercise program customized for your specific goals and needs. We can meet as many or as few times as you need to feel comfortable with your new exercise routine!

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Periodic Personal Training
?so you don't get bored or hit a plateau!

Most of my Short-Term Training Clients turn into Periodic Training clients after they get going. After all, after you learn the basics up front, you'll probably want to update your program periodically to adjust to your increased fitness level and to combat boredom. Many of my periodic training clients look forward to a monthly workout to up the ante and set the pace for the coming month's workouts.

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Long-Term Personal Training
?giving you structure and motivation!

For many clients, our on-going training sessions provide them with the assurance that they are performing each exercise correctly each time. I also hear, time and time again, "I definitely wouldn't push myself this much if I was working out on my own!" or "If I didn't have this appointment scheduled with you, I know I probably wouldn't have exercised today!" Some of my once-a-week clients use our workout together as their "hard" workout of the week and do the rest of their weekly workouts on their own. You can be sure the accountability is there because all my clients know the first question they'll hear when we meet is "Did you do all of the workouts we planned since I saw you last?" Long-term personal training clients can schedule one or more appointments each week.

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The Fitness InSight Gold Club
?the ultimate in service and accountability

Members of the Gold Club pay to reserve one or more time slots per week, every week, during the contracted time period. In exchange for this commitment, they enjoy preferential scheduling, one additional FREE workout and coaching session per quarter, and other perks and benefits!

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