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Phase One: The New Mom
Postnatal exercise recommendations and abdominal muscle rehabilitation

When everyone asks how you are doing, of course your answer is "The baby is healthy and that's all we care about!" But, inside you may be wondering, "Will I ever get my old body back? Will my stomach ever be the same again? How can I think about getting back in shape when I can't even get any sleep!" The demands of a newborn leave you bleary-eyed and the physical changes after having a baby can be tough to manage even for those in the best shape.

While more strenuous exercise will have to wait until the baby is about six weeks old, most women don't have to wait that long (and shouldn't!) before they begin the gentle progression back to their pre-pregnancy exercise routine. In fact, there are several types of exercise that are beneficial starting the first day home from the hospital! I can help you work through the stages as well as teach you the proper recommendations for full abdominal muscle rehabilitation.

Did you read that right? Yes! I said abdominal muscle rehabilitation! Please do NOT think the answer is to do tons of crunches, starting as early as possible. This can be very detrimental to your newly traumatized abdominal muscles! Let me show you the proper exercises and progression of exercise to regain as flat of a stomach as possible - oftentimes even flatter than before pregnancy!!!

By the way, even if your "baby" is 2 years old (or even older!), it's not too late to rehabilitate your abdominal muscles!

What about that pesky problem of losing a drop of urine here and there (with a laugh, a sneeze, or a jumping jack)? Has anyone told you that problems with bladder continence are just a fact of life after having kids? NOT! It does not have to be that way. Your pelvic floor muscles have a job to do holding up your internal organs, and they, too, have been traumatized through pregnancy and delivery. The pelvic floor muscles are supposed to be akin to a trampoline?but sometimes they more closely resemble a hammock after having kids! It's simple to learn exercises that you can do anytime, anywhere to regain full pelvic floor muscle stability! Let me show you how!

Having personally come back to exercise after giving birth three times, I've been able to put my Healthy Moms? Pre/Post Natal Fitness Certification to the test first hand and I know what works! Click here for more information or to sign-up for a New Mom Exercise Consultation (by phone or in-person).

Here's a tip: Why not contact me before the baby is born so that you'll already know what to do from day one? We can then talk or meet again as often as you like after the baby is born!


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