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Other Worksite Wellness Programs

Health Fairs

A health fair is a great way to provide a variety of health related services and information. Fitness InSight can provide you with a step-by-step plan for coordinating your health fair, including sample communication pieces and vendor suggestions or we can coordinate the entire Health Fair for you. In addition, Fitness InSight can offer screening or educational services at your Health Fair.

Personal Health Profile

The Personal Health Profile is a comprehensive questionnaire that is usually combined with several screening measurements. The confidential results reveal which health areas each participant most needs to focus on, and steps they can take to improve. When a large group participates, aggregate data is also available regarding what health areas are at highest risk for your company. This information can be valuable in deciding what future wellness programs would be of most value to your employees.

Individual Wellness Coaching and/or Counseling

Individual Wellness Coaching or Counseling is a great follow-up option to offer your employees after a health screening program, seminar, or the Personal Health Profile. In addition, coaching can be done over a longer time period (weekly, monthly, etc.) to create a framework of support and accountability that leads to success! This component is a great option to make available to your high-risk employees who are most in need. Click here to learn more about coaching.

Taking Charge: Managing Your Weight and Health for a Lifetime

Many people are interested in a more intensive educational and support setting to Take Charge of their eating and exercise habits. The worksite is the perfect place for this class, which is most often designed for 10-25 participants. Participants usually meet weekly over a 6-12 week period for weekly seminars, as well as personalized exercise and eating plans.

Executive Fitness and Wellness Program

If you are interested in offering a premium level of service customized to the needs of the busy executive, this fits the bill. A great recruitment tool, the Fitness InSight Executive Fitness and Wellness Program will tailor a Personal Fitness and Wellness Plan for each participant.


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