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Phase Two: The Just-Plain-Busy Mom
Making It Work!

I've been there... Who am I kidding? I AM there! As the mom of three kids, I know what it's like to try to fit exercise and other healthy habits into an impossibly busy schedule that usually leaves Mom's needs at the bottom of the list. I once saw a comic strip where the husband was looking at the wife's calendar on the fridge (scribbles and notes everywhere: doctor appt. 9 am, take the dog to the groomer 11 am, parent-teacher conference 4 pm, sew patch on Brownie vest, pick up snack for soccer game, etc.). The husband commented, "The President isn't this busy!" The wife answered nonchalantly, "Of course not?he's not a mom!"

My Healthy Moms? Pre/Post Natal Fitness Certification means that I know all the latest specialized information for YOU! My experience fitting my own exercise into life with a career and three children means that I know all the tips and tricks to help you find a routine that will work!


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