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Strategic Support

"Why Wellness" Executive Briefing

When considering whether or not to offer a health promotion program, corporate decision-makers will want to hear the most recent rationale, research, and results of worksite health promotion programs. This executive briefing delivers a comprehensive overview of the benefits, costs, components, program models, and bottom-line impact of corporate wellness including health risk reduction, cost containment, and ROI.

Wellness Program Strategic Planning

Whether you want to design a comprehensive wellness program or select several simple programs to offer to your employees on occasion, we can put together a Plan that will include an Employee Health Interest Survey, Overall Program Goals, Benchmarking with Worksite Health Promotion Best Practices, Event Selection and Logistical Planning, Implementation, Internal Marketing and Communication, Incentives, Evaluation, and Reporting Results to Management.

The Wellness Kit: Ten Simple Wellness Initiatives for the Worksite

This kit is a great way for businesses to begin implementing small initiatives that can make a difference.


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