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Detailed Personalized Goal Setting

Once your starting point has been established, we will plan out your long-range goals and the short-range goals that will get you there. We will set up a timeline by which to measure your progress and receive status reports. And finally, we will design your custom plan to address each of your goals.

A lot of people may say they want to "get in shape", but what does that look like for you? I'll take you through a thought-provoking inquiry process that will crystallize your unique personal fitness and wellness vision and goals like never before. We'll make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. and we'll put it all down on paper - in your words - your commitment.

We'll design a systematic framework that will track your weekly goals that will get you to your long-range goals. In this way, you'll be accountable around-the-clock for your habits and activities that impact your goals.

Weight Goals

My approach to weight goals is a little different from most. Rather than picking a nice round number, such as "I'd like to lose 10 pounds", or "I want to weigh what I weighed in college." I can help you set a goal weight based on your body fat percentage. After we weigh you and measure your current percent body fat, we'll set a healthy, realistic percent body fat goal. From this information, we can calculate the goal weight that would get you to your goal body fat percentage. This will give you a customized, healthy goal that is based on losing fat, not just weight.


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