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Health and Wellness Screenings

Fitness InSight can come on-site to your workplace to offer any of the below screening services to your employees. Each screening option can be done as a stand-alone program or several screening options can be bundled together in packages with other wellness services.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure usually has no symptoms but does much damage to the body. Why not have Fitness InSight come on-site to measure blood pressures on a regular basis? Educational materials and counseling are included.

Body Composition Testing (Percent Body Fat)

When it comes to weight and health, it's more than pounds that matter; it's how much is fat vs. how much is muscle! This popular screening is done with body calipers, measuring skinfolds on the bicep, triceps, hip, and shoulder blade areas. A semi-private location is necessary. Clients receive information on interpreting their scores and recommendations for lowering their body fat.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Why guess how many calories your body burns when you can know for sure? Advances in technology now allow us to accurately measure resting metabolic rate rather than relying on estimations from calculations of height, weight, and age. Research shows that metabolism can vary greatly even for those who are of similar weight and height. A personalized printout will be generated for each participant that includes their calories burned at rest, an indication if their metabolic rate is fast, normal, or slow, and guidelines for nutrition, exercise, and weight loss.

Cardiovascular Fitness

There are many ways to assess cardiovascular fitness, and Fitness InSight can utilize the protocol that best meets your needs. Many corporate clients have had much success with our simple "step test". It takes less than ten minutes per participant and doesn?t require changing into exercise clothes. Each client will receive valuable information about his or her cardiovascular fitness level and a mini fitness consultation on how to improve their score.


Through a simple "sit and reach" test, each client can find out their degree of flexibility and receive information on stretching exercises that can improve their flexibility.


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