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Personalized Home Exercise Plan and Home Exercise Equipment Recommendations

Personalized Home Exercise Plan

Many people want to exercise at home - you can't beat the convenience and the flexibility of a home exercise program if you have the discipline to really do it. I can outline exactly what your home exercise plan should consist of and work with you until you feel comfortable remembering and correctly performing each exercise. Many of my long-term personal training clients work with me for their one or two "hard" workouts per week and then also work out at home several more times per week. For many of my short-term and periodic training clients, almost all of their workouts are performed at home. They simply visit me for periodic program updates to spice up their routines and push to higher levels.

Home Exercise Equipment Recommendations

You can't succeed without the right tools. However, that doesn't mean that you need to spend a fortune on home exercise equipment. Whether you want the bare minimum or a complete home gym, Fitness InSight can help you find the right products for the right price to meet your needs. I can teach you what to look for in a treadmill and introduce you to great websites to order bands, stability balls, and other fitness products. We'll decide what you need and where to get it.


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