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My Philosophy on Fitness and Wellness

My philosophy is that personal wellness is dynamic - that it is a journey, not a destination. It's figuring out what fits into your life at any given point - balancing the job of caring for the body you've been given with enjoying the life you've been given!

I sometimes think that too many people put off feeling good about themselves until "after"?after they lose ten pounds, after they fit into a certain pair of jeans, "after" they stay on the xyz diet successfully for "x" number of weeks. I believe in feeling good and accepting your body now, and then gradually taking small steps that don't cost much, but will add up in the long run. Most people who go that route find that the small successes motivate them to add more and bigger changes down the road.

I always encourage clients to make only those changes that they can see themselves still doing a year from now. Many people aren't ready for that approach, though. After all, our natural tendency is to seek the short-term payoff. We live in a society of immediate gratification and promises of quick fixes and instant results. But how many more times do you want to start, fall off and then re-start that stringent eating and exercise routine, each time re-calculating the date by which you'll see a certain result if you start again "now"? Sadly enough, those poorly patched-together weeks fly by until it is a year later and you are in the same place as when you started.

Why not take a different approach? Start with the long-term in mind from the beginning. What changes and habits can you incorporate into your life that you can see yourself doing?open-endedly?just because you've decided that "that's the way you live your life now"? Something has to "click" inside you to be ready. And when you're ready, you need support and continuity - a common thread of some kind that will help you stay the course through the weeks and months until you've found the part within you that will keep it going on your own.

I believe in the power of taking charge of your life - reflecting on what you want your life to be and then making intentional choices. I believe in focusing on the habits and actions that build health, rather than focusing on the result. If you enjoy the now and enjoy the journey, you will see the results along the way.


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